Cooking Class

at home

By booking the Don Paolo Apartment, Don Francesco Apartment or Benedetto Croce Apartment, you can book a fun day spent between the market and the kitchen of the apartment with a cooking class that brings the Neapolitan roots of many Italian dishes directly to the dinner table. A Mediterranean experience.

The lesson is designed for non-professionals even for beginners and for lovers of good food and includes a visit to the colorful Sanità or Pignasecca markets with an immersion between pots, pans and the ingredients chosen for a tailor-made menu.

If you prefer an evening time event, the chef will personally consider the necessary ingredients for the evening menu.

At the Chef's home

Customers who choose one of our alternative solutions that is without a kitchen experience can however book a cooking class with the same charm directly at our chefs’ home, a delightful way of getting to know our culture and our homes.

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